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Practice your short term memory skills in a fun way! This game will help you practice to improve your memory and attention in a fun way. The game features many levels with different distractions and difficulties. You can also play with your friends and challenge them head to head for a fun time.

The more you play the more you can improve you concentrations and short term memory skills. This game will challenge you to develop ways to improve your memorization techniques as it gets harder on the later levels. There is also a level which challenges your math skills as well as your memory skills at the same time. All while having fun!

If you have some friends you can challenge them and play head to head to see who is the best!

Features the following:

  • Improves Short Term Memory
  • Improve Math Skills
  • 7 Different Levels
  • 3 Different Distraction Types: Moving objects, Exploding Bombs, and Rotating Characters
  • 3 Different Difficulty Levels for Distractions
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Great Soundtrack by DJ Tano
  • More than 100 Different Level Combinations
  • Multiplayer: Play with 2 Friends on iPhone and up to 4 Friends in iPad head to head!

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