Maple Violin App

🎻 Maple Violin App  🎻

The best App to learn the most popular Stringed Instruments Violin, Viola, Cello, Small Bass, Double Bass.

This App simulates a real violin and lets you play and practice anywhere you go. You can also tune any of the instruments with the built-in tuner.



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• Genuine String Sounds Professionally Recorded in Studio from real instruments.
• Super-responsive, plays like a Real Violin
• You can perform vibrato and pizzicato like a real instrument
• 5 Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Small Bass, Double Bass.
• Tuner for all 5 instruments*
• Buttons ‘Light up’ to show you which notes to play!
• Teaches which finger to use for EACH note
• Learn scales
• Learn songs
• AUTO mode: Tap anywhere to play song!
• Pitch snap helps you to play always in tune
• You can turn on Buttons, Frets and Labels as visual helpers for beginners
• Ability to resize and position Violin on screen
• Advance or Rewind song anytime
• Different options to display button notes on different systems
• New songs added regularly!
• Songs from all difficulties
• Settings are stored
• Beautiful interface
• Best of all: FREE!!

*Tuner requires Microphone Permission allowance


How to play MapleViolin?



  1. I can’t play because my fingers press the power button. What can I do?
    Press the “Settings” button, navigate to “Rotate and Resize Violin” and press the arrows icon to rotate the play screen to prevent that problem.
  2. Where do I find the Audio Mode or Note Recognition mode?
    Press the Hand Icon to activate the Audio Mode and the Spark symbol represents the detected note. Remember to remain in a quiet room for best performance.
  3. The Tuner remains always on +999 or -999. Why?
    Is it possible that there’s a lot of noise preventing the device to detect the played note, move to another room and try again.
    It is also possible that the phone’s or tablet’s microphone is blocked.
  4. The Spark symbol remains always on top and bottom part. Why?
    The same reason as question 3: can be noise or microphone blockage. You can check by using a Voice Recorder App and try your microphone.
  5. I don’t know the rhythm of a song. What can I do?
    Navigate to Song Selection screen (musical note 🎵  icon) and press the “i” button to go the “More Information” site. There you’ll find a link directly to Youtube search of the song and choose a video for listening its rhythm.
  6. You announce the App is capable of performing vibrato, but I can’t do it. Why?
    You should disable “Pitch Snap” in Settings in order to play vibrato. Then move slide your finger up and down through the string to simulate Vibrato.
  7. The song I want is not on the list. What can I do?
    Please refer to the next section “Song Request” to submit your song proposal and wait till the next update for the song to appear.



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