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Mezquite Diatonic Button Accordion 


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A FREE Educational and Fun App to learn to play the Diatonic Button Accordion.

• Genuine Accordion Sounds Professionally Recorded from a Leading Brand Button Accordion
• Super-responsive, plays like a Real Button Accordion!
• 5 Complete Tunings GCF, EAD, FBbEb, ADG and BbEbAb
• 5 Register Sounds
• 34 Buttons
• Buttons ‘Light up’ to show you which notes to play!
• Teaches which finger to use for EACH note
• Learn scales
• Learn songs
• AUTO mode: Tap anywhere to play song!
• Advance or Rewind song anytime
• Automatic Tuning change for each song
• Different options to display button notes on different systems
• All scales will be added soon!
• New songs added regularly!
• Settings are stored
• Beautiful interface
• Best of all: FREE!!

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  1. Why is there is no sound? 
    • Please check:
      1. Volume is up
      2. Vibrate mode is off
      3. No headphones are plugged in
      4. Device is not connected to an external bluetooth audio device

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Mezquite Diatonic Button Accordion 


Mezquite Piano Accordion 




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